Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time!

So I realize that I post about once a month these days, but I do at least post. Our life is pretty busy and I want to keep everyone up to date, but find it hard to update as often as I should. Looks like, for now, I'll just have to keep bombarding you with stories and photos a month at a time. I hope that's ok ;)
Since my last post:
 1. Kailyn was, of course, baptized! It was a beautiful service and she did wonderfully! We did, unfortunately have one hiccup. About 1 minute before she was to step into the pool with Pastor Don to profess her life to our amazing Savior, I realized that I didn't pack her any dry underwear! I had to pull her down the steps in super flash mode and strip the undies she had on! She looked at me like I was a huge nutjob and was freaking out! I told her I was really sorry, and that she had on a dress and robe and no one would ever know the difference. (Unless they read my blog!) Needless to say, no one was the wiser and she had dry undies after her baptism! It truly was a blessed day!
  2. Here are the dance pics I couldn't post in the last one! AMAZING, if I do say so myself!
 3. School got out, and Kailyn got the Super Reader Award for her classroom! She loves to read, just like her Mom, Mimi and Papa Steve! So proud!
 4. Kailyn started Junior Tennis! This is her first year to be old enough to play and she's really starting to love it! I always loved Junior Tennis, so I'm really glad she is enjoying it!

 5. Kailyn had Bible School and loved every minute of it! They performed some of their songs at the following Sunday's church service and told us lots of wonderful things they'd learned!
 6. After a week full of practices and rehearsals, we had our annual Shapes Production! County Kickin', City Slickin'! It was awesome, as usual ;) Aubrey did her first solo, which had me crying like a little girl because she is so freaking grown up these days :( And Kailyn did a truly great job with all of her dances! She and Jada, I believe, won the non-existent "trick of the year" award by doing continual back walkovers while remaining connected to each other the entire time. It was super cool!
 7. Kailyn got an early Xmas/Bday present from Joe, Me, Myer, Papa Ray, Mimi, Nana Penny and Aunt Jordan.....TICKETS TO THE JUSTIN BIEBER/CARLY RAE JEPSEN CONCERT AT THE SPRINT CENTER ON OCTOBER 26TH! She got to pick one friend to go with her (you'll never guess who ;) and Aunt Jordan and her friend Kate will be taking them! They are going to make the most wonderful memories, I can't wait to hear all about it!

 8. We got through Kailyn's first 2 week session with her dad! However, she got home on Sunday, June 10th and left for Church Camp with the Nazarene Church (and her bff Adi) on Thursday, June 14th. They got home around 3:30pm on Saturday, June 16th, though, so it wasn't horrible!
 9. I started Fifty Shades of Grey the week of the production and am now half way through book number three, Fifty Shades Freed. While I may blush profusely at times at the extremely descriptive scenes, I am 100% obsessed with the storyline and characters. I am so sad that my journey with Christian and Anastasia is almost over. Although, my friend, Laura, has a new series ready for me to start once I am done with this one!
10. Kailyn has also joined a book club that her friend, Allie, holds. She missed the first meeting due to church camp, but has started reading the book for their second meeting, One Hundred Dresses. She is very excited to be a part of a real book club! ;)
11. We just passed Father's Day, yesterday! We are so very thankful to have wonderful dad's in our lives, for sure!

12. I have not forgotten about my fantastic husband and ornery 2 year old, even with all of Kailyn's activities(she also starts a four week cheer summer class tonight). Joe is forever the dedicated worker/mower/wrestling coach. They have open gym every Wednesday and he is REALLY loving that, especially after taking a year off last year. We have a new head coach, whom I think is just what the doctor ordered! My sweet Myer is as spoiled as ever! He is also brushing up on his wrestling skills, and works his dad over every chance he gets!

Again, I'm sorry I am not a better blogger, but I do at least try to catch up ;) I figure it will probably be another month until I'm on here again, so please have a Happy and safe 4th of July!

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